How to Get Elm Like Accessors for Messages in Bucklescript-TEA

When you create Msgs in Elm like this:

type Msg
  = UpdateText String

You automatically get an access function like this:

UpdateText : String -> Msg
UpdateText str = 
  UpdateText str

Which can be used for an onInput in a text box:

onInput : (String -> msg) -> Attribute msg

and applied like this:

input [ type_ "text", value model.content, onInput UpdateText ] []

In Bucklescript-TEA, to get the same thing, you need this:

[@@bs.deriving accessors]

type msg
  = UpdateText of String
  [@@bs.deriving accessors]

Which would give you this function starting with a lowercase letter:

val updateText : string -> msg
let updateText str =
  UpdateText str

And then can be used like this:

input' [ type' "text", value model.content, onInput updateText ] []

and return in the update function like this:

let update msg model =
  match msg with
  | UpdateText str ->  { model with inputBox = str }